a constantly evolving menu

The food is landscape, history and traditions: our constantly evolving menu, closely follows the trend of the seasons and the ingredients that our land provides. A menu attentive to the changing of the seasons, always represents an added value to the culinary offer, which is perceived and appreciated by our customers, which today are increasingly attentive and sensitive.
The proposed preparations preserve the genuineness of simple and tasty products from local farms, those that don’t grow or raise intensively.
Our is a philosophy that aims to safeguard small farms that risk disappearing due to the process of industrialization of food.
The food we serve in the restaurant is exclusively Italian, and about the meat, we only use it from farms that have production with grazing animals, in the wild.

“”… do you know what is the beauty of good food? That brings together people of any kind, because it warms everyone’s heart and make everybody smile””


To get a better service and better manage all any particular requests, we remind you that it is always better to book and communicate to our staff any need.



let's start

  • Uovo Bio in cocotte, Caprino di Colforcella di Cascia, carciofi spinosi e asparagi
  • Flan di ceci, vichysoisse e toast al guanciale
  • Coratella di capretto, gelato cardamomo e zagara
  • Pollo rurale fritto, maionese “emozione” ai capperi

let's keep...

  • Strozzapreti all’asparago verde nostrano
  • Spaghettone “BioAleberti” al ragù di rombo italiano, pesto di bieta
  • Tagliatelle al ragù di maiale “Etrusco” al finocchio selvatico

let's finisch

  • Le trippe di Chianina in umido alla menta
  • Calcapretto arrosto poi nel suo fondo
  • Battuta al coltello “Etrusco”, carciofi fritti
  • Bistecca di Bruno-Sarda “Etrusco”
  • Coniglio nostrano in porchetta

sweet end

  • Budino di latte al polline di finocchio selvatico con olio “San Felice” Decimi
  • Mousse di cioccolato, insalata di fragole
  • Ricotta al mais, streusel al basilico, prugnole selvatiche cotte a legna
  • I gelati del giorno, aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena