Filippo Artioli

Filippo Artioli was born in Ferrara and besides the sympathy and extrovert attitude typical of the men of his region, Emilia Romagna, he has a great enogastronomic passion that is not casual. It is written in his family roots. The father was a known restaurateur in Ferrara and the mother, owner of a bakery-pastry shop. Nothing for him is impossible and so you have to expect all sorts of magic in the kitchen. This approach has made him one of the most promising chef in the Italian scene.


The All Star staff

Filippo Santini, 32, graduated in Diplomatic Sciences in Trieste, in 2013 he started the “Professione Cuoco” course at the Gambero Rosso in Rome. In the same year and throughout 2014 he takes part of the Città del Gusto events team. In 2015 he became a tutor for amateur classes at the Gambero Rosso. In the same year he manages the “Belle Arti” club in Rome. In 2016 he participates together with the chef Golino and Migliori to various events in the national territory. He arrives in Trattoria di Oscar in September 2016, becoming Filippo Artioli’s right-hand man

Enza Saraniti, class 79, begins its first step in the world of catering in ‘99, for fun. Becoming the fulcrum of his life, he manages with success various activities. In September 2004, the meeting with Chef Artioli, with whom started interesting working collaborations. Then life leads them to share something else: the project of a family together. In 2010 again together in Umbria where the “Trattoria di Oscar” project began. Determined and always smiling, she manages to conquer her guests with simplicity, distinct elegance and incomparable education. Her motto is: “at work as in life you have to give 100%!”

Alessio Nardi, 22 years old from Terni, started his career by attending the professional course of Maître, soon the Chef Academy of Terni in 2014. At the end of 2015, after some experiences, he arrived at the Trattoria di Oscar. Here he has the opportunity to deepen a lot of aspects of the work and the relationship with the customer. Thanks to the bond created with the Chef and with the whole kitchen, he is able to explain the products and preparations to the best. By now Alessio is a professional sommelier and is close to graduating in Viticulture and Oenology at University of Agriculture in Perugia.

Serenella Pocaforza, a woman of charm and immense sympathy, has been from long  with the Chef Artioli in the preparation of pasta, jams and desserts. Thanks to his hands of great experience, the dough is authentic and incomparable. The continuous confrontation with Filippo, helps her to be always at the forefront. The whole Trattoria team feels to her a sincere esteem and a deep affection.